We help our clients to clarify and idealize their business model and to define the necessary elements to migrate companies to e-commerce by increasing sales and promotion of their products.



We develop e-commerce and business models focused on the digitalization and design of software that allows the integration of business management tools modulated in different programming languages to minimize the time of the integrated solution to adapt to the requirements of the computer solution of any problem of our customers.


LEZZAMAT Community

We are a platform and a mechanism to integrate our business model into the community. Opportunities for social development and professional growth for our members, promoting education, cultural and creative exchange with a focus on modular business digitalization.


About us

A multidisciplinary group of professionals with experience and certifications in e-commerce development committed to developing opportunities and growth for our clients and members of our community... Less will always be more.

We are the answer to your needs, simply because we know them.

Business model conceptualization. Support in digital sales inbound marketing and business strategy. e-commerce support and development. Plat business model conceptualization. Support in digital sales inbound marketing and business strategy.

Automation of the sales process. Monitoring and control of electronic business models. Creation of strategic sales and marketing plan. Connection interface development (creating connections between systems and software to contribute to the business model goal).

Elaboration and construction of the e-commerce business model. Dissemination and promotion of products. Monitoring and control of the electronic business models. Elaboration of strategic sales and marketing plan.

Development of integrated solutions (integration of all business model problems into an optimal solution to minimize the time factor). Connection interface development.

Business model

LEZZAMAT establishes the metrics for the design and materialization of your ideas related to the emergence of an electronic business model or the improvement or digital migration of an already developed model. Ensuring efficient and effective growth in the phases of idealization, conceptualization, development, use and support of the designed product. Committed to the highest standards of satisfaction of our customers.


Promotion and sales automation

LEZZAMAT, we provide your company with the most innovative electronic management tools. We develop inbound marketing and inbound sales for your business model. We design integrated strategic sales and promotion plans and increase the income and benefits of your management based on the metrics we collect and record. We evaluate according to the current demand of your market segment.


Software design and technical support

LEZZAMAT, we minimize the complexity of the IT solution and develop integrated strategies for software design and e-commerce, allowing the connection between different programming languages to optimize the time spent by end-users to interact with the software we offer Technical support and advice on the use of tools developed under the contracted service.