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What is the LEZZAMAT community?

It is a space for interaction and a platform for the exhibition of skills, where through our blog and the training and consultation rooms we provide the support that community members need to develop their ventures and offer the opportunity to develop their potential develop and disseminate. The medium in which the business models developed or perfected by the company reveal their social impact so that customers can evaluate their actions after using e-commerce and implementing the updates that have been made specifically for each model.

The Lezzamat community is a source of job creation as it serves as a space for the convergence of knowledge that draws our B2B and the companies that do business with our company. The SWISS community "FORGING AND IMPROVING".

How can I be part of the LEZZAMAT community?

If you've been thinking about your business model for the next three years, or haven't identified it, if you can't find the means and mechanisms by which people and the corporate sector know your skills, you can join our community by submitting your request via Send email In addition to your CV, you will receive an admission letter to the community and have access to all publications as well as the possibility to create your own on our blog.

Why should I be part of the LEZZAMAT community?

You will receive support and advice material for your future ventures, members of the community and the corporate sector will get to know your skills, take part in our webinar and develop training measures. If you want, you can take part in our competitions for innovation and entrepreneurship. The exchange of knowledge with colleagues will be endless and the most important ones will be able to contribute to the development of SWITZERLAND. We are waiting for you.